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Elena Castro

In 2014 I was faced with a health challenge; I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Undergoing treatment was drying and irritating my skin.  To alleviate the discomfort, I started experimenting with natural organic oils that seemed to make a difference to the texture and comfort of my skin. Soon I realized that the organic oil combinations I was using were making a difference not only on the elasticity and sensitivity of my skin, but on my overall wellness.   Even though these creations were originally crafted to heal and enhance my life during my treatment, they shortly become popular among my family and friends and now I would like to share them with all of you!


 I only make products that I personally use. 


I can do all things through Christ who gives strengths.      Philippians 4:13

Elena making soap.jpg

Our Effort

We are committed to offering self-care products that are better for you and the environment.  We only use organic, plant- based, wild harvested, non-GMO ingredients in making our products. We are also committed to cutting back on water use and using eco-friendly packaging.

Most of our products are packaged in glass containers.  The plastic we use is made with 30% recycled post-consumer plastic. Our labels are eco-friendly Biostone, yes they are made of stone—no trees are used, as we try to reduce our footprint and yours.



The Spanish slang “pendeja” has different meanings throughout the different Latin American countries. In some countries, it can be used to describe a dumb or foolish person, in others it can describe someone who is a know-it-all and witty. In my case, I have used the term as a mean to lift our spirits, inject confidence to our actions and overcome whatever challenges that come our way. I have always told my daughters, “You got this, pendeja,” meaning that you have what it takes to succeed.

When I’m stressed, I remember what I tell my daughters and tell myself, “I got this, pendeja.” If I feel successful, “I got this, pendeja!” One friend and I are cancer survivors and have known each other for 17 years. We constantly tell each other, “You got this, pendeja.” The phrase can be used to motivate someone, reassure them, or cheer them up. No matter what is happening, you have what it takes.


Encourage others through the good and bad times. Because of how I use the phrase with my daughters, my friends, and myself, “we got this, pendeja,” is the affirmation for the Philorganic community. You have what it takes and we are here for each other.

We got this Pendeja!
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