• Broad spectrum CBD Oil 1350 mg

    Strength: 45 mg per serving – 1350 mg per bottle


    What can it do for you?

    Our CBD oil is extracted utilizing the most advanced technologies to ensure and maintain its natural properties and it’s  USDA certified Organic.



    * Helps manage the stress and tension of your day-to-day routine.
    * Allows you relax and achieve restful sleep.
    * Great flavor.
    * USDA certified organic.
    * Each bottle contains 1oz (30 ml) of premium CBD oil.
    * Made in Colorado, USA.


    How to use: You should always start with a low dose and gradually increase. The most common dose of CBD is 20 to 40 mg per dose, depending on the potency of the product. Put CBD oil in the mouth and swallow.

    Broad Spectrum CBD Oil - 1350mg

    • Ingredients:Product life: 18 months after opening.

      Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hemp Phytocanabinoid Extract, Organic Mint Essential Oil